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Powerful and Easy-to-Use
Member communication is key to effectively managing a club or association. Informed members ask fewer questions, make less phone calls and come better prepared to the course. Our websites and online tools are designed to aid you in your efforts to organize and run a successful club. The perfect online solution that is both affordable and user-friendly.
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Websites Made Easy
Sites are designed to be golf specific and easy to use. We provide the framework, you provide the information. Create a fully-loaded website in just two minutes.
1. Click Create a Site
3. Select a Package
3. Add Your Content
Using and Maintaining Your Site
You are the webmaster! No programming or site development needed. No html or code knowledge necessary. Create a site and start entering your information immediately. All you need is internet access.
  • Simple Click and Edit pages
  • Password Protected
  • Assign Multiple Administrators to update the site
    Site Manager
    Each website contains a Site Manager which controls site preferences and and functionality including:
  • Club Emailer: Email all members or events instantly
  • Privacy and Member Access Options
  • Registration Flyer - Regist. Directions for members
  • Site Hit Counter
  • Create free-format pages*
  • Page Map Editor* - Rename and Reorder Pages
    *Available with Gold Package Only
    Site Access
    Accessing your site is quick and easy. No URL or domain names necessary. Each member will receive a user name and editable password. There are several ways to access your website:
  • Use your Keyword on the home page.
  • Redirect to a URL or Create a Domain Name.
  • Create a Link on any existing website
    Privacy Options
    You can select from three different privacy levels. Member Pages (Member List, Bulletin Board, Club Handbook and My Profile) are always password protected.
  • Public - Password needed for Member Pages only
  • Semi Private - Public Access for Home/Contacts
  • Private - Password needed for all pages protects the privacy rights of all members. Members can choose to opt out of any emails send by or our selected partners.
    Advertisement and Spam Free is a subscription-based web service. We don't disguise your site as an online proshop or golfing billboard. No pop-up ads, no email spam. We want your golf website to be just that, your website.
    Online Resource Center
    Find anything from trophies to tees. A resource designed for clubs, league and events with golf specific vendors and services. Includes scoring software, handicap services, merchandise and premium vendors.
    Ask the Experts...
    "We just started a tournament club. We wanted to use a website to organize, run and promote our club. InformationFairway was a perfect choice. Not only was it powerful and easy-to-use, we were able to get our site up and running in just a few hours instead of weeks!"
    Keith Pieczynski, Owner
    Southern Cup Golfers Tour
    "The club emailer is a super feature. I can quickly email all the players for a specific event instantly. We use it for posting tee times and sending any last minute updates. I saves me a great deal of time"
    Andy Cross, President
    Needham Golf Club
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