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Gold Tee Package
Deluxe club website package. 16 pages. Contains all Blue Tee pages and functionality. Includes Photo Gallery, Joining Form and Club News, Customized Masthead, unlimited Free-Format html Pages, and Page Map Editor.
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Web Pages
The Gold Tee Package includes all Blue Tee pages and functionality. Gold Tee package includes these additional pages and features:
Club News
Page dedicated to club news and events.
Photo Gallery
Upload photos to your website. Captions become links.
Join Club Form
Sign-up form that is automatically emailed to club administrators. Includes user-defined pricing fields, player personal information and comment box.
Site Functionality
Customized Masthead Samples
Create your own customized masthead. Include your club logo, signature hole, sponsors. Provide your own graphic or work with our design department create one for you.
  • .jpeg or .gif formats accepted
  • no flash or animated graphics
  • size 650 x 89 pixels
    Free-Format html Pages
    For html savvy users, create and post html pages. Knowledge of html is required and we take no responsibility for the functionality of the page. Image uploads are available, please contact us.
    Page Map Editor
    Located in the Site Manager, the Page Map Editor allows you to rename and reorder pages on your website.
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