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Create a Web Address
If you would like to create your own web address for your club website, we can register and redirect a domain name for your new site. There is no additional fee to use an existing URL. Your domain host may require a small redirect fee.
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Domain Name Registration
Create your own website address. It's quick and easy. Here's what you have to do:
1. Choose a domain name (URL) Check if the name is currently in use by typing it into your web browser.
2. Email us the name you want to use.
3. We will register your domain name (URL) after an official search.
4. We will then redirect your site to your new web address.
Contact us for complete details.
Billing and Ownership
  • You will receive a one time $100 fee to register and set up your domain name.
  • You will be the owner of record of the Domain Name.
  • You will receive the yearly invoice for your Domain Name from the Domain Registrar.
  • does not own your URL.
  • Ask the Experts...
    "It was very important for us to retain our current web address. Once the new informationfairway site was ready to go, the switch was quick and easy."
    TOUR of Greater Boston
    "We wanted to have our own domain name. I had no idea how to go about getting a web address. They made it quite easy and set us up very quickly. The hardest part was selecting the URL we wanted."
    Southern Cup Golfers Tour
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