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Powerful and Easy-to-Use
Streamline your administrative tasks, decrease your costs and increase your profits. Organizing a tournament is no easy task, especially a fundraiser. It takes hours of planning, committee coordination and organization. That's where we step in. Our websites are designed to aid you in your efforts to organize and run a successful event. A powerful tool that is both user-friendly and affordable.
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Websites Made Easy
Sites are designed to be golf-specific and simple to use. We provide the web framework, you provide the content. Create a fully-loaded website in just two minutes.
1. Click Create a Site
2. Select a Package
3. Add Your Content
Using and Maintaining Your Site
You are the webmaster! No programming or site development needed. No html or code knowledge necessary. Create a site and start entering your information immediately. All you need is internet access.
  • Simple Click and Edit pages
  • Password Protected
  • Share Edit Password to allow Multiple Administrators
    Site Access
    Accessing your site is quick and easy. No URL or domain names necessary. There are several ways to access your event site:
  • Use the Event Keyword on the InformationFairway.com home page.
  • Create a Link on any existing website.
  • Email the Link with all invites and correspondence.
    Create on Online Strategy
    Make an event website the cornerstone of your online strategy. Maximize effectiveness by driving traffic and inquires to your event site.
  • Email invitations and registration forms
  • Always include a link to the website in every email
  • Post your event website link on sponsor's websites
  • Create an email list for present and future use
    Saving Your Event Site
    Archive your site for future events. Get a head start on your next event by reusing the website. Simply update your information and you are all set for your next event. FREE White Tee sites expire after 120 days. Blue and Gold Tee sites are good for one (1) year from creation date.
    Advertisement and Spam Free
    InformationFairway.com is a subscription-based web service. We don't disguise your site as an online proshop or golfing billboard. No pop-up ads, no email spam. We want your website to be just that, your website.
    Online Resource Center
    Find anything from trophies to tees. A resource designed for clubs, league and events with golf specific vendors and services. Includes scoring software, handicap services, merchandise and premium vendors.
    Ask the Experts...
    "I was surprised how easy it was to use. Our entire committee made updates and edits to the site. It was a terrific resource for everyone."
    Lisa Cavanaugh
    The Bogey Open
    "My clients are blown away with the website. I build one into every event we run. We just set it up and give the password to the client. They update and run the site themselves. It couldn't be any easier to use and it makes the event look spectacular."
    Diane Clervi, Owner
    Golf Tournament Planners
    "The site was a big hit last year. This year we are just sending out postcards and emails directing players to the site. We expect to save over $600 in brochures and mailing costs alone!"
    Chris Hamsher, Director
    Skip Hamsher Memorial
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