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Online Registration
Available as an add-on feature. In partnership with ePlyGolf.com we offer online player registration and payment options. Creates participant database, offers player management and online credit card transactions.
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Player Registration
The easy way to manage your tournament and players online. ePlyGolf creates an customized registration form and easy-to-use online database of event registrants. Great for tracking sign-ups, financial accounting of participants and donations, and player information. ePly accounts arepassword protected and easily accessed online from your event website's Site Manager.
Cost $300 Call for details.
Billing Options
Provide secure online credit card transactions. The serve serve will allow you to take credit card information quickly and securely for all financial transactions for your event including player's fees, auction payments and donations.
Ask the Experts...
"The ePlyGolf Registration was perfect for tracking our participants. It allowed us to gather all player information online instead of at the course. It tracks payment methods so we know if players have paid and by which method. It saved us a tremendous amount of accounting time."
John DiCocco, Event Director
Boston University SMG Classic
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