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Multiple Site Package
Establish an Event Reseller account. Whether you are planning to run 2, 20, or 200 events we can custom-tailor a package for your charity or association. Use your existing website to become the portal for all your golf event websites.
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Reseller Package
To create multiple sites you may consider becoming an event reseller. This allows you to create multiple sites from a single user account.
  • Create a Master Site with your custom-masthead.
  • Site pre-loaded with your event information.
  • Each site is free-standing and self-editing.
  • Great for Charities, Event Series and Courses.
  • Create consistent Player Registrations.
  • Receive special pricing.
    How a Reseller Acccount Works
    Anyone with a website can become a website reseller. Your website becomes the portal for all the event websites you create. Websites you create for outings will have your customized masthead and marketing message.
    1. Create websites from your InformationFairway.com Business Account.
    2. Customer provides the Event Name, Date, Time, and Registration Deadline.
    3. Assign an Event Keyword (for site access) and an Edit Password (for updating purposes)
    4. Preload any course information into the site, then give the Keyword and Edit Password to the customer.
    5. The outing now has their own event website that can be accessed through both your website (through links or login box) and InformationFairway.com
    Contact us for complete details.
    Ask the Experts...
    "We just love this service. We include an event website with every tournament we run. It sells itself and really makes us and the client look good. Best of all it's easy to use and at the perfect price point. It's an incredible valued-added tool we provide each outing."
    Steve Bolanos, Director
    Golf Tournament Planners, Seattle
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