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League Package
Standard league website package. 9 pages. Leaderboard page fully compatible with League Manager (version 7.0 and higher) Upload schedules, handicaps, results, reports and stats quickly and easily.
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Web Pages
Clubhouse Page
Club's Home page includes News Flash feature for late breaking items such as weather cancellations.
The power plant of your website. Post all League Manager Reports to your website.
  • Post schedules and pairings
  • Archive your entire season
  • Results, Stats, and Reports
    Member List
    Directory of your club membership including name, email address and phone. Members update and control their own profiles for display. Password Protected
    Bulletin Board
    Interactive participant board. Topics and threads automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Edit and delete individual posts. Password Protected
    Trophy Room
    List your league's champions, records and history.
    Player Profile
    My Profile page. Contains member's personal data. Includes user name, password and privacy controls. Password Protected
    Club Handbook
    Post your league's policies and rules. Password Protected
    Golf Links
    List, describe, and categorize web links of interest.
    List your league officers, chairpersons and committees.
    Site Functionality
    Privacy Options
    Three different privacy levels. Member Pages (Member List, Bulletin Board, Club Handbook and My Profile) are always password protected.
  • Public - Password needed for Member Pages only
  • Semi Private - Public Access for Home/Contacts
  • Private - Password needed for all pages
    Club Emailer
    Email your entire membership instantly. Can be easily segmented into men, women, and individual tournaments.
    Assign Multiple Administrators
    Allow any member to become a site administrator capable to edit and update pages. Great for Committee Chairs and members.
    Site Manager
    Contains your site preferences and user options. Includes site hit counter to measure site activity.
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