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Create a website that is a perfect fit for your club or event. is the affordable solution for your online communication needs. Most websites are costly to develop and required monthly maintenance fees that add up quickly. Add a webmaster to update your site and your budget is gone. An InformationFairway website requires no URL, no web hosting charges, no maintenance fees, and best of all no development fees or webmaster. Our simple-to-use, templated design makes getting on the web a snap. A site takes minutes to create and just a few hours to complete. No programming or html knowledge needed. Create a demo site and see how easy it really is to get online this season!
Club Websites
Club sites are perfect for inner clubs and golf associations. They allow you to run multiple events within a membership base. Prices range from $500 - $900 per year based on selected options. Learn More.
League Websites
Great for weekly golf leagues. Works in conjunction with League Manager by Software Systems for Golf. Prices range from $5 per player to $200 per year based on selected options. Learn More.
Event Websites
Perfect for charity, fundraising and corporate events. Event sites allow you to organize, promote and run your event from its own website. Prices range from FREE to $250 per year based on selected options. Learn More.
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