Site Creation
Thank you for your interest in creating a club or event site at! You are just minutes away from having a web presence for your golf club or your charity golf event.
If you want to preview how to set up and edit a site, you can create a demo site. This allows you to create an anonymous temporary site. The site will be disabled in approximately 48 hours. This gives you a chance to preview your site, without giving us any personal information.
Creating a Club or Event Site
When you create a site at, you are subscribing to our service for a set period of time (to be determined by the type of site you create). There are 4 simple steps to follow, and your site will be ready!
Step 1: Create an Business Account. This provides us with the information we need to contact you about your site. This contact includes billing contact. If you already have a Business Account with us, skip to step 2.
You can create a Business Account now by entering your email address in the box provided, then clicking on the create Business Account button. This will open a new web browser window. Fill in the information in the registration form, and submit it. We will then mail you your password. Once you complete the business account creation, you can close the new window, and continue on from here.
If you have a Business Account, but you have forgotten your password, click here.
Enter Email Address
Step 2: Log in to your Business Account. Once you perform this step, you will leave this introductory page and follow the instructions on each succeeding page.
Step 3: Select the action that you wish to perform (create a new club site or create a new event site).
Step 4: Fill out the form, and submit it. Once you submit the form, your site will be created, and you can start to update it.
That's It!
That's all there is to it. Your site will be created, and you can add your content. No salesman will call. No hassles. In fact, no money down! That's right. Of course, event sites are free. For club sites, you will receive an invoice for your first year's subscription when you create your site. You have 30 days to pay the invoice. During this 30 day period, you have full use of your site. If you decide not to pay the invoice, your site will be disabled at the end of the 30 day trial period, and you'll have no further obligation. So why not try it out?
Let's Do It!
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