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Why A Website?
A website is your most valuable information resource. Communicating with group of people, small or large, takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and money. Organizing and running a club, league or event can become much easier with a solid communications plan. A website will become your greatest asset. Any information needed is current and available, 24/7. Simply put, how can you do without a website?
Does this happen to you?
Rain is predicted. How many phone calls do you take concerning event cancellations? Post an instant NewsFlash Alert on your homepage.
Do people call at all hours and ask for tee times, directions or event details? Eliminate calls. Post everything on your website.
Do you send out costly and time consuming mailings to update information and schedule? Your virtual clubhouse is open 24/7.
Streamline your operations
Any communications problems you may have can be easily solved by using a website you can update instantly. It's an service your members will find invaluable as well as increasing a sense of involvement and community.
Administrative Benefits
A well publicized and utilized website will dramatically increase your on and off course organization.
  • Instantly updated information
  • Eliminate excessive phone calls
  • Reduce print and postage costs
  • Run tournaments including sign-ups, tee times and leaderboards
  • Create a member/participant database
  • Member/Participant Benefits
    Members and participants will find your site the most complete and updated information resource. An informed player feels included, informed and well-serviced.
  • Complete, updated information
  • Member directory
  • Interactive bulletin boards
  • Online sign-ups & results
  • Privacy in member areas
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