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Why a Club Website?
A website is your club's most valuable information resource. Communicating with group of people, small or large, takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort. Organizing and running a club can become much easier with a solid communications plan. Any information needed is current and available, 24/7. Simply put, how can you do without a website?
Featured Sites
Communicate the easy way: online
Any communications problems you may have can be easily solved by using a website you can update instantly. It's an service your members will find invaluable as well as increasing a sense of involvement and building community. A powerful tool for you, a valuable resource for your members.
InformationFairway Advantage
Designed to help you organize your club on and off the course. Sharing information quickly and easily. Foster a club community by engaging your members. Create an effective online strategy. A powerful tool for you, a valuable resource for your members.
  • Instant Updating, No Webmasters Needed
  • No URLs or Hosting Packages Needed
  • No Development or Maintenance Fees
  • Easily Linked to an Existing Website
  • Advertisement Free Pages
  • Resource Center - Golf Specific Services/Vendors
  • Affordable Online Solution
  • Allows Multiple Administrators to edit site
  • Online Registration and Payment options
  • Create an entire website in 2 minutes
    Administrative Benefits
    A well-utilized website will dramatically increase your on and off course organization.
  • Easy to Update and Edit all pages
  • Organize, Manage and Run unlimited Events
  • Post Pairings, Tee Times and Results
  • Club Emailer: Email all members instantly
  • Load and Update Member Database files
  • Significantly Reduce Phone Calls
  • Assign Multiple Administrators to edit site
    Member Benefits
    Members will find your site an invaluable service. An informed player feels included, valued and well-serviced.
  • Centralized Information Resource
  • View Tee Times, Pairings, and Schedule
  • Tournaments Page with Online Player Registration
  • Results for Individual/Team/Season Long events
  • Password Protected Member Areas
  • Post Updated USGA GHIN handicaps
  • Home Page News Flash for Alerts (weather)
  • Member Bulletin Board (Discussions, Classifieds)
  • Photo Gallery, Trophy Room and Club Handbook
  • Does this happen to you?
    Rain is predicted. How many phone calls do you take concerning cancellations?
    Post an instant NewsFlash Alert on your home page. No calls to you or the course.
    Members calling at all hours and ask for tee times, directions or event details?
    Eliminate calls. Post everything on your website. Members will now go online first instead of reaching for the phone.
    Do you send out costly and time consuming mailings to update information and schedules?
    Your virtual clubhouse is open 24/7. It is the cornerstone of your paperless club.
    A member who was webmastering your site, just quit or relocated. Now what?.
    No problem. Our websites are user-friendly and simple to use. Lose your dependence upon any one webmaster.
    Are you looking for a better way to organize events?
    Our tournament database allows you to create events, pairings, post tee times and post results.
    You get constantly bombarded with event inquiries and registrations?
    Allow players to register online and streamline your registration processes.
    You need to email everyone signed up for a particular event.
    Our Club Emailer allows you to email specific sets of members (men, women, individual events) quickly and easily.
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